Equation of State

Working Group

The Equation of State Working Group

The Equation of State working group will focus on the physics measurements and calculations can be made to establish the EoS of the medium created in a heavy-ion collision at RHIC II. In this way we hope to help define the scientific mission of RHIC II. We are also charged with providing a detailed assessment of the accelerator and detector capabilities required to carry out these measurements.

Physics Questions

  • Preliminary list of general questions and the measurements needed to address them is given here. This list is preliminary and will be refined by all WG.
  • List of specific questions that can be addressed by studying the EoS physics at RHIC-II. This list reflects work in progress and will be refined by our WG.


  • RHIC-II Science Workshop April 28-30, 2005 at BNL
    • Agenda & Talks of EoS group
    • The overall workshop agenda and those from other WGs can be found here
  • RHIC/AGS users Meeting June 28-30, 2005 at BNL

Group Membership

  • To become a member of the group and participate in email discussions subscribe here. Our archive is public.
  • If you join you should also subscribe to the general RHIC-II science mailing list.


Papers and Documents of Interest

The Accelerator

  • RHIC-II luminosity estimates from T. Roser et al. [ XLS | PDF ]

RHIC experiment White papers:

RBRC discovery workshop writeups:

Other Papers

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